Why Do Filipino Women Want to Date & Marry Foreigners

Filipino women, in general, have some unique and lovable traits that no man can resist. Filipino women are known to be passionate and caring. For majority of the Filipino women, love has to be an important ingredient in a relationship. There’d be no point in getting involved with someone or even marrying if not for love.

But what are the reasons why a Filipino woman would commit herself to a man from the foreign country? Is it just the money as many people think? Or is there a deeper desire that drives a Filipino woman?

Here are eight (8) facts that may help us understand the situation:


Filipino women like to date and even marry foreigners because of money.

Many Filipina brides admit that marrying foreigners is the fastest and easiest way to escape from poverty.



They believe that foreigners will give financial support for the whole family.

To Filipinos, a family comprises not only the immediate members but also the extended family members including the father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles & aunties, cousins, and nephews & nieces.



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  1. Well, these are true especially the first reason which is really ugly to gain support for the whole family but I think not all Filipinas are like that especially for young professionals and working independent women like us. My friends and I experienced dating other nationalities out of curiosity but we never asked money and support from them because we have jobs that support our financial needs. One reason ti add is there are more women than men in the Philippines. 75% of our population are women so Filipino men are lucky to choose who they want and they can cheat if they want because they are becoming rare species hahaha. I really just hope that this notion about Filipina would change soon..

  2. I had a foreigner bf before. I even had a daughter from him. Unluckily, we ended up.
    Hindi ibig sabihin na foreigner any bf hingi agad ng money. I have à decent earning job. Maybe some ladies ay ganyan.
    I just love other culture.

  3. If you go to all dating sites and adult relatioship site- most Filipinas there are really looking for foreigners and they would not want locals, In craiglist there are specific ads that they only want foreigners.

    The reason of money may be true to those from the provinces but I agree some are not for money but of equally wrong reasons like:

    1. Colonial mentality- growing up with hollywood movies- they develop this belief that foreigners are better (just like imported goods).

    2. The notion that foreigners have bigger equipment. Yes it may be true but not all- in fact some really have big but soft…

    It quite frustrating and funny when a caucasian employee of mine visits the country and I take them to some KTV, all women goes directly to the white guy so I have to tell them that I am paying and I earn more than he does just to let them know that not because a person is white he has more money…(BTW its not the look because I am not challenged in that division also)

  4. I’m married to a foreigner and have a decent earning job before but still being judge as a gold digger kust because i married a foreign guy. Just wondering on what generation was the author from and maybe he/she doesn’t know that like us they are just living the same lives working hard to earn to pay the bills. Not all foreigners are rich and not all dates one just to get out of poverty. Di ba pwedeng love din. Mentality na kasi ng Filipinos n pg foreigner ang asawa mo mayaman ka na. What they don’t know is that they are working and saving for their future, pay the bills. Try to experience living in a different country. You’ll know that they are just like us.

  5. I agree with some comments here, hindi nga lahat ng foreigner mayamayaman. My aunt married a foreigner, but since my aunt earns more than him ( degree holder and licensed din kasi yung aunt ko in her field while her hubby is hs grad kaya mas wide ang opportunities ng tita ko), she asked him to stop working and be a hands on dad instead kasi mahal daw pag ipapaalaga plus hindi matutukan ang kids. househusband ang foreign hubby niya at walang reklamo. Walang problema sakaniya ang ganun set-up at mas open siya sa bago, unlike dito sa pinas, hindi naman sa lahat pero kasi may mga lalaking traditional padin talaga while may mga babaeng malakas ang personality like my aunt, that’s actually the reason why she didnt marry her filipino bf na mas mayaman naman sana sa hubby niya now. nakakasakal daw kasi, yung ngayon cool lang sila.so di talaga pera ang lahat.

  6. disagree ako dyan. kasi ako may foreigner din matagal na kami 6years na hanggang ngayon ni hindi nakapagawa ng bahay ang foreigner ko. kasi wala siyang pera at maliit lang ang pension niya. so bahay ko siya nakitira masuwerte nga siya dahil napangasawa niya ako na may sarili na akong bahay at 2hectare na lupa may mga gamit na din.. so not all filipina they want foreigner husband just because of their money. like me i want old foreigner husband because they don’t cheat me.. i am 45 and my husband is 65 pero kahit matanda na ang foreigner ko at wala gasinong pera we still love pa rin naman to each other..

  7. UHM… I beg to defer! It is very unfair to generalize all the Filipino women because not all Filipinas are the same. Maybe this is the mentality of the writer towards Filipino women but you cannot generalize. I married my American husband not for the passport, financial support or to have beautiful babies. I married him because we both fell in love- that is after I had failed relationships with Filipino boyfriends. I never in my life once dreamt of being in a relationship with a foreigner. But if the person is meant for you, it will happen.

  8. My husband is also a foreigner but he is not rich .I married him because I felt that he is a perfect person for me. Of all my bf I had before Sya lang nagparamdam sa akin na napaka importante Kong tao. I love him so much too.Ang medyo stressful lang kasi mga kakilala KO at mga kamag anak back in my province di naniniwala na wala akong pera dahil foreigner nga ang asawa ko.Ang husband ko naman tumutulong sa abot ng kanyang makakaya para sa medical treatment mg kapatid KO pero di pa rin sapat dahil nga sa laki ng expenses at baon na rin ako sa utang pero pakiramdam KO di nila ramdam Ang paghihirap KO dahil nga foreigner Ang husband KO…Sana mawala na Ang mentalidad na pag foreigner Ang asawa may a man na agad.

  9. Am about to read this…
    But before reading.. since its loading at the moment,
    I’ll answer ths with my own opinion..

    First i have tried a couple times with a Filipino bf. Both of them has their own unique story how they cheated on me &
    I had 5 years of relationship with a Canadian whom a foreigner & now am having a new foreigner bf who a Denish..

    Now i think, were individually unique/different.. though we hv ths instict as Human, thats to LOVE and to be LOVED.

    But in terms of choosing, We have different mentality of how and whom to choose.

    That depends to ur personal taste or ur personality..

    Either way, it doesnt matter if ur about a partner for money or a partner for LOVE… both ways there can be good and bad to it.

    Maybe u are just a type of person who like to be LOVED with Money (doesnt mean ur a bad person because of that) or a person who is just all about to be LOVED & ADORED without MONEY involves (LIKE ME, I LOVE FOREIGNERS MENTALITY.. WHO ADORES ME BECAUSE I LOOK DIFFERENT, PLUS THE MENTALITY THAT SUITS MINE)… all those basic stuff…
    But who are we to judge??



  10. This is not completely true. I think all people are stereotyping Filipinas that dates foreign men. Not all foreign men have money, not all of them can give Filipinas his citizenship because some of them chose to live here in the Philippines due to scarcity of opportunities they face in their own countries.

    Hinde rin lahat nanghihingi ng pera sa foreigner nila kase most modern Pinays usually have a job now. Like me, I dated 3 foreign men in the past, pero I have never asked money from them, I have a decent income naman.

    Personally, mas hinde ako tiwala sa mga Pinoys when it comes to relationships. Most Pinoys have the capability na magpaikot at mambola, unlike sa foreign men na straight forward at honest (again, this is based on my experience). I know Pinoy friends na hinde honest sa GFs: whether they are married to them, living-in together or even mga binatang ama, nakukuha pang manloko as if marami silang choices. Most Pinoys also tend to run away from responsibilities at sumasama pa sa ibang babae kahit pa may asawang iba ung babae. This society is all messed up to think they insist they are Catholics and says they go to church every Sundays.

    So there, again this is based on my personal experience and what I can see and observe in my day to day life. I prefer foreign older men cause they are more loyal, faithful and responsible.

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