The Most Extraordinary 17 Beaches in the World

Beach is the favorite destination during summer days. Whether you like to swim, make sandcastles, pick up some lovely shells or even just sit and relax while enjoying the sea breeze, beach is the first place to think of. While most of us are excitedly waiting for the summer to come, we do plans on which beach to visit to. We want to spend our summer vacation as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

Have you ever been in an unusual beach before? Or have you ever imagined that there are different beach out there, other than the sandy black or white beach? Yes, there are! Check these 17 amazing and extraordinary beaches, and maybe someday you may want to consider visiting one of these.


Maldives Beach

This beach looks like there are real stars on the sandy shore. These lights on the shore are the small creatures called bioluminescent phytoplankton that are gathered together.






The Beach of the Cathedrals

This beach is situated in Ribadeo Spain. Over the years, the water continuously blows on rocks and created the looks of a cathedral architecture.



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