The Magic of A Filipino

If there is one thing a Filipino can be proud of, it will be his sense of humor and resiliency. Nothing will ever beat his sense of humor, and his natural resiliency in the face of a calamity or hardship or whatever.


About Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

A Filipino has innate knowledge of the buzz word for Reduce-Reuse-Recycle long before it was invented. Just take a look at any house along any street, you will find old tin cans of baby milk and paint planted with different plants. Or when did a Filipino not store empty bottles and old newspapers so he could re-sell these to the ambulant “bote-dyaryo” vendor? What about last night’s rice and viand which turns into fried rice for breakfast and the viand goes into Ate’s lunch box as she leaves for school? And just take a look at all those awnings using old advertising tarpaulins or sometimes to cover an extended area of the house. A Filipino not only knows but has lived Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.




In the Face of A Calamity

A Filipino will do what he must do to prepare for a calamity, the best that he can. In the event that a calamity affects him, he stands and picks himself up and starts to rebuild almost immediately. He salvages what he can and with an inner strength starts rebuilding his house, finds food and water where he can, finds work where he can. That is a Filipino to be proud of.



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