Liberland – A New Country in Europe – Is This Real?

On 13th April 2015, news spread out on the internet about the official proclamation of a new country called The Free Republic of Liberland. This is situated on an unclaimed parcel of land with an area of 7 km2 at the western bank of Danube River between Croatia and Serbia. It is a no man’s land in the Southeastern Europe. The founder and president of Liberland is a 31-year-old Czech politician named Vít Jedlička. There’s a new flag, a national anthem and a provisional government. Thousands of people are now applying for citizenship in Liberland on which can be done online.
People around the world are asking now – is this a real country? Is this a joke? What is behind all these news? But what if this is true? What if we don’t believe now and the opportunity for being a citizen has been missed?










One response to “Liberland – A New Country in Europe – Is This Real?”

  1. Liberland is a micronation. I would call micronations ‘pseudo-countries’ because not only they’re small, but the land it ‘uses’ is illegally claimed through self-proclamation of the founder. I am a ‘citizen’ of Ladonia, another micronation in Sweden. Being a citizen would mean you join other ‘citizens’ to have ‘fun’ and ‘imagination’ of the micronation’s identity.

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