Funny Things You Do As Filipinos

Filipinos always have their unique habits as a race. Some of these habits were just picked up from their parents, family or friends and peers, others they discover by accident or simply by being “oh so streetsmart”.

Here are 10 funny things Filipinos always do on different occasions:


My Own Chips & Alcohol equals Fun Outing

You know how when it’s summer and you go plan an outing? Finally you find a resort that suits your barkada’s budget but the resort specifically says you cannot bring your own food. Do you do that? No way, Jose! You will bring in your own chips and alcohol and eat them all up in your rooms, doesn’t matter if the resort doesn’t allow it.




Cheap Alcohol equals Newest Soooo-In Bar

Or what about when the barkada says you should try out a new and soooo-in bar, except that it’s too expensive. What do you do? First you have dinner at home or a nearby carinderia and then buy some San Miguel at a nearby sari-sari store or sometimes at 7-Eleven. You drink and drink until you feel you’re good and just high enough before heading for the soooo-in (and sooo expensive) bar, where you will only order a single drink to last you all through the night!



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