(by F. Abad)

My siblings and I enjoyed fun-filled days of childhood in the barrio, and I remember (these 10 memories):


Pushing the long handle of the artesian well to draw up the water. Reaching up to clasp my small hands around the smooth metal handle, I would pull it down as far as I could. And as I cranked it up and down, I would hear the water gurgling in the pipes down below, then slowly rise up higher and nearer. Excitedly, I would crank the handle faster and faster, until suddenly, cool and clear water gushed out to drench dirty me.



Lying on the branches of my favorite guava tree in the afternoon, looking at a caterpillar slowly inching his way on a branch that thankfully, was way, way off from… Ugh, I remember how itchy such a small creature can be!


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