Cebu Pacific’s Dubai-Manila flight made an emergency landing in India

Cebu Pacific 5J015 – Dubai to Manila – Tuesday (June 28, 2016) Night Flight, had to make an emergency landing in India due to Fuel Leakage. 354 passengers were boarded in the aircraft. No news in the media have been reported so far with regards to this incident.

As of this time, people are still waiting in India. No proper communication or updates are being given to them.

Here are the sentiments shared to us by one of the passengers….(These are neither rephrased nor dramatically written by our website editor. These are exactly written & shared by one of those 354 traumatized passengers on board.)

List of worse thing CEBU PACIFIC done so far with flight 5J015

  1. they flew 2 hours late from Dubai with problematic situations.
  2. after the emergency landing (which is excellent decision from pilot) no airconditioning inside the aircraft kung wala pang hinika di pa nag on ng AC.
  3. no FOOD and worse no WATER for at least 12 hours. imagine if you have baby on board?
  4. call center are helpless
  5. no available manager to seek information.
  6. till now NO info when they will fly back to the Philippines
  7. the passengers are left alone in Mumbai Hotel as the flight 5J015 go back to Dubai to continue its Dubai to Manila journey.
  8. no proper person if no crew at all onsite to ask for assistance.
  9. after the physical stress and financial burden this flight inflicted to the passengers sorry nalang ba? paano yung mga taga provinces na nag rent lang ng masasakyan pauwi? and worse as i said till now no words from this airline what time they will go onboard.
  10. Passports were all taken for immigration purpose that you dont option but to wait.. you cannot buy bec no passport. Surely you cant go out still bec we dont have our passports.

if there is one person i would like to thank for what happened that is nothing but the pilot for taking a major decision. the management are just full of crap for not taking this situations seriously.

In addition to this, we collected 15 screen shots from the passengers and their families’ Facebook regarding this incident







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