Animals Posing for Selfie

Selfie, or a self-portrait photograph, is very popular nowadays. Initially, it was popular only with the young people, but eventually it spread out and became wider its popularity over time. It was in 2012 that the term selfie really hit the big time. And in November 2013, it was announced as being the “word of the year”. The most common purpose of selfie is for posting on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Common or popular people, young or old, celebrities, media people, and even top government officials are into the trend of selfies. Selfies have also taken beyond the Earth, by astronauts taking photos in space.

Do you think selfies are only for humans? No! The appeal of selfies even come to the animals. They even know how to pose now for their selfie photos.

Check these out on how animals join the world of selfies!

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