12 Superpowers People Can Have Now

Our children were raised to worship the amazing powers of our favorite superheros. But, faster than a speeding bullet, the old fantasies are being realized and even surpassed. Our visionary scientist have made this in reality… Here they are:


X-ray vision that are really needed by the motorists.


As seen in: Superman, Wonder Woman

Dutch researchers use light waves to see inside the body. Also, A US start-up has produced augmented reality glasses to see through car doors, and add or remove layers of vision. MIT has developed a system that uses Wi-fi signals to build up images of objects behind the walls.


To infinity and beyond – jetpacks to order.


As seen in: Captain Marvel, Superman

Jetpacks have been evolving as early as the 60s but have only become viable in recent years. The Australian Martin Jetpack will be on general sale in 2016, with a craft capable of traveling at 74 km/hour at altitudes of 1,000 meters.


Bending light can render objects invisible.


As seen in: Space Ghost, Iron Man

The technology works by shielding objects from light waves, but currently needs to operate from a fixed point. Several leading research institutions are working on maintaining invisibility on the move. One creative project uses silk as the cloak, so the wearer can be undetected in smooth comfort.

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